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Distributing Integral Solutions for Piping & Spools, Valves, Wear Parts, Coatings and Fire Extinguishing.

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    We were born in 1992 with the vision of providing quick solutions to our clients, always thinking about long-term relationships, being challenging and wanting to break the schemes in providing solutions for the industry.
    Already with 30 years of experience and working as a team with clients and suppliers, we can say that we are a recognized leader company in the supply of Piping solutions, which has grown over time incorporating new production lines and representations, innovating in the way we arrive to the market and how we do things.
    Since 2007 we started operations in Peru and since 2009 in China in order to ensure "in situ" the quality and reliability of our suppliers and imported products.
    What is our challenge? The continuity and operational improvement of our clients; with social and environmental responsibility, thinking about collaboration in the supply chain
    How do we do it? With about 300 people in the organization, today we have changed our structure to deliver specialized solutions for markets and business lines; which allows us to reach the market in a better way.
    Fluid Management and Control Division - specialized supply of Control and On-Off valves, in addition to the manufacture and repair of valves, integrating the automation of this line with electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators, which is supported by a Services area
    Fluid Transportation Division - supply and distribution of Integral Solutions in the Piping & Spools lines
    Fire Control Division (Fire Protection) this last division is incorporated in 2020 to complement our portfolio in an area of criticality for the market, providing solutions in… ..
    Our plant is the only one that has all its operations integrated in a single operation with which we can offer the services of:

    Integral manufacturing plant (all on site):
    Welding Ships
    Humidur application buildings and Paint Schemes
    PU plant
    PU Removal Furnace (ISO 45001)
    Bunker Rx
    Hydraulic Test

    How do we demand ourselves to continue improving? We have developed personnel evaluation programs, in the same way we have certified in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ASME U, PP and R stamp, which allows us to always have the necessary controls to maintain continuous improvement in processes.
    With this, we are sure that our offer of value to the market positions us as a unique strategic partner of its kind in South America.